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  • The BIM pioneer has become even better

    Vianova Systems have released a new version of its groundbreaking BIM tool for infrastructure projects. New NovapointDCM 19.20 provides more and improved functionality, which facilitates even better BIM design.

  • Time for point cloud-based BIM models?

    “Why base the terrain model in infrastructure projects on "old" contour maps when you can get a fresh and more accurate representation of the terrain based on laser scanning”, wonders business developer Håkon Andresen at Blom, a leading European service provider of surveying, processing and modelling of geographic information.

  • Seamless BIM terrain models – better infrastructure projects

    In building a new road or railway it is essential to start with a good terrain model of the existing situation to achieve the best possible result. This is crucial to planners, contractors, owners and society. It is all about reducing risk in relation to time, money and quality. Good terrain models and BIM for infrastructure is the way to go.

  • Novapoint 19.10 DCM is launched

    Novapoint 19.10DCM is now ready!

    This release is the first integrated version of its groundbreaking BIM for Infrastructure solution: NovapointDCM with the new collaboration platform QuadriDCM

    Watch the release video - click here »

  • QuadriDCM Overview

    Vianova reforms infrastructure planning and collaboration

    Unique collaboration – this is the effect when Vianova now takes "BIM for Infrastructure" into the Cloud. Finally all players in transport infrastructure projects may cooperate closely according to true BIM principles. QuadriDCM facilitates unmatched collaboration for planners, designers, contractors and owners of infrastructure.

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