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NovapointDCM combines a powerful object-oriented modelling application, NovapointDCM Base, with 25+ discipline design applications – and is integrated with the BIM server and collaboration platform QuadriDCM in an easy-to-use way. Together they comprise the industry´s most comprehensive BIM solution – covering road, rail, water and sewer, tunnel, bridge, landscape, etc. – all aspects of modern infrastructure design.

Automated work process

With NovapointDCM you can build a complex model of the infrastructure most efficiently – including 3D terrain surfaces, 3D sub-surface layers, and 3D structures such as buildings, bridges, road signs, cables, vegetation, etc. Intuitive and highly effective functionality makes it possible to view the model in plan, sections and 3D. It is easier than ever to navigate in 3D and understand the model being designed – ensuring precise, consistent and sustainable results.

The model itself is based on the ISO 19 100 series of standards, and is designed for true model- and process-based collaboration using QuadriDCM. The workflow is task-driven, and the outcome is 3D objects you share with your fellow project members in the central model, hosted by QuadriDCM. The task functionality automates the work process and provides excellent understanding, overview and control of the project.

Free model viewer

NovapointDCM also includes a free viewing tool, NovapointDCM Viewer. This free desktop application is perfect for project managers and other decision makers who only need to have insight into the models – providing full 3D viewing and navigation functionality. With the viewer, you can see the model in plan, sections and 3D – an excellent tool for understanding and managing the project better.


  • Object-based modelling
  • Automated work process
  • Customizable task templates
  • 25+ discipline design applications
  • Adapted to local standards
  • ISO 19100-based technology
  • Interoperability, supporting IFC, LandXML, GML, SOSI, LAS, DWG, DXF, KOF, WMS, Shape…
  • Free model viewer
  • View plan, sections, 3D
  • Flexible presentation setup
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