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NovapointDCM is a professional BIM solution for infrastructure design, construction and maintenance. The software is tailored for road, rail, maritime and aviation facilities.

Novapoint is adapted to meet local design and drawing standards in cooperation with local infrastructure authorities and constructors. Since its introduction in 1988, Novapoint has been constantly improved and enhanced for the benefit of infrastructure engineers worldwide.

The new technology generation NovapointDCM is the industry's first toolset that enables true "BIM for infrastructure" – and that brings the benefits of this to all stakeholders. 

What is NovapointDCM?

  • NovapointDCM is based on an object-oriented information model, allowing for lifecycle flow and reuse of infrastructure data: in planning and design, construction, and maintenance.
  • The system is module-based and comprising of 25 different discipline applications.
  • With NovapointDCM you can combine different discipline models into one integrated BIM model, using the collaboration model platform QuadriDCM
  • NovapointDCM is an open system, modelled according to ISO TC 211 (GML) – tailored for the future.
  • The data from NovapointDCM can be used in other vendors´ systems that support GML.
  • Other vendors may also program against the NovapointDCM model via the same application programming interface (API) that Vianova itself uses.
  • NovapointDCM is tailored for Cloud-based BIM collaboration.
  • The system is compatible with the Norwegian Road Databank.

By developing and providing software with the philosophy "made by users for users" Vianova Systems helps its customers to plan and design quality infrastructure most efficiently – saving projects, builders and society considerable time, hassle and cost.

Vianova Systems both owns and develops NovapointDCM


See how Novapoint works in practice: 

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