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Novapoint Road Professional

Novapoint Road Professional is a tool for effective manufacturing of construction plans for all types of roads, streets and intersections. This includes complete functions for design, drawings, reports and setting out data. Novapoint Road Professional consists mainly of alignment design, road design, intersection design, elevation tools, drawing production and 3D presentation. Even though road design is complicated, with Novapoint Road Professional you will get a programme that is easy to start using.
  • Construction plans
  • Road design
  • Drawings
  • Volume calculation
  • Setting out data
  • 3D

Alignment design

The basis for all road design is the alignment. Alignments are designed efficiently and with ease in Novapoint. Several flexible functions give the user full freedom to find the optimal horizontal and vertical geometry. The user interface with full integration with Autodesk Map gives a modern approach to alignment design. Because the design of the horizontal geometry is integrated with the vertical, the road designer is given complete control over the resulting alignment in plan, cross-section and 3D.

Road design

The road model is used for design of the road structure. Parametric design of road surface, superstructure, volumes, road bed, substructure, soil conditions and sub drain gives complete specifications of the road. Novapoint gives the road designer complete control of the location of the road structure. Connection to the terrain with ditches, rock cut, soil cut and fill are automatically handled by the programme, using parameters defined by the user. Volume calculation and sight distance calculation can easily be done. Cross sections are generated based on national road standards. Super elevation and widening are easily calculated based on the standards.


Functionality for overlay and optimal use of the existing pavement is available. The cross section viewer gives valuable information to the road designer during the design. It is possible to check distances, slopes, elevations and coordinates, etc. When adjusting the road, the changes are immediately displayed. Together with the cross sections viewer, the perspective imager gives an accurate 3D representation of the road. If sight distance lines are calculated, they can be visualized in the perspective viewer. Connecting road models in junctions have traditionally been complicated and time consuming. Using the Junction Wizard, this is carried out in a matter of minutes. A number of predefined quantity reports and setting out data are available. It is also possible to export setting out data to a range of surveying equipments and machine control systems.

Intersection design

Parametric design of roundabouts, T- and X-intersections. Based on predefined templates, a complete roundabout can be designed using just a few mouse clicks. The road designer defines the central island. Legs with road edges and deflection islands are inserted in one single operation. T- and X- intersections can be designed, including carriage way, traffic islands and corners.

Vehicle Track Analyzer

Based on design vehicles, turning circles and overhang will be calculated and drawn along a driving path.

Drawing production

Cross sections, plan drawings, longitudinal profile drawings and quantity diagrams (mass haul) are generated from the road model.


A 3D model including designed roads cut into the terrain surface can easily be drawn. This gives a good base for further visualization.