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Civil Construction

Safer and more efficient with digital construction documents

It often gets complicated to build correctly and efficiently when someone else has made the construction and the documentation. With Novapoint Civil Construction the risk that errors will occur due to ambiguity or misinterpretation of the construction documents is minimized. Novapoint Civil Construction means completely new digital construction documentation, in an unbroken chain from Civil Engineer to entrepreneur and all the way to the machine that will do the job. This brings safety, speed, simplicity and joy to working on a project. Thanks to the fact that the construction documents are digital, alternations of the document are made considerably easier. For instance, adjusting heights or amounts can be made on the spot. The same goes for controls. It is also easy to visualize projects, existing or changed, in VR-models. This is a practical way to get a concrete picture of the Civil Engineer's work.

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Heidi Berg
Heidi Berg Product Manager QuadriDCM, Novapoint Viewer and Civil Construction
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