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District Heating

Complete district heating planning in terrain models

Novapoint District Heating provides you with an easy-to-use tool for complete planning of district heating. It provides functions for, among other things, configuration, construction, blue prints and reports.

As base for your planning you have a terrain model. Either you use an existing one or you create one directly in the software. With the model as basis it is simple to construct pipelines, optimize pipe lengths and alter dimensions, positions and heights. The result of the work is presented attractively and clearly in amount reports, plan, profile and cross section drawings. Through the terrain database you can co-operate with several disciplines within the same projects.

The database shows all the alterations you make in the district heating project, and in the same manner other alternations that may affect you are also shown, e.g. if a new road is added. A valuable help during the planning are VR-models that provide overview and help you to easily visualize things like crossing pipes.

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Inge Tørnes
Inge Tørnes Product Manager Novapoint WS and District heating
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