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Let Novapoint Landscape play a role when you create ground, room and landscape

There are many factors and phases in the daily work of creating landscapes. Ideas take shape, ripen and are established before they become new outdoor environments. The ideas are concretised in the planning phase. Final choices regarding plants, surface layer and shape of the landscape are made. What amounts will it be, how much will it cost? And what will the result look like? Try and try again.
Novapoint Landscape gives you total control during the entire process of creating the project drawings, from plants and plantations to metres, square metres and cubic metres. Furthermore, the combination of Novapoint Landscape and Novapoint Virtual Map gives you a unique possibility to easily and quickly experience your creation in 3D.
So when Novapoint Landscape gets to play a part for the project drawings, you get to play a bigger part in the thinking phase of the project.

Stefan  Petersson
Stefan Petersson Landscape Architect
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