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Vianova Systems introduces ground-breaking technology for BIM design of transport infrastructure

Vianova Systems´ new product generation Novapoint 19DCM, released today, is the industry's first technology that enables true "BIM for infrastructure" – providing many valuable benefits to the infrastructure stakeholders. 

Novapoint 19DCM will enable improved collaboration, higher quality, and significant cost savings during the planning process and in the construction and management phase of road and rail projects – for the whole infrastructure life-cycle.

The new object- and process-based design method represents a similar paradigm shift in the infrastructure industry as Building Information Modelling (BIM) has led to in the building industry.

Model forthe whole lifecycle

Novapoint 19DCM – DCM standing for Design, Construction & Maintenance – makes it possible to run an integrated, inter-disciplinary and 3D-based work methodology in infra projects. This will not only benefit the planning and design phases, but also the construction and operational phases. The object-oriented model technology is designed to enable a complete, compliant and seamless model delivery, from initial planning and construction to operation and maintenance.

The “I”in BIM

Novapoint 19DCM consists in principle of two elements: an object-based open information 3D model tailored for infrastructure, and a central 3D modelling platform, Novapoint Basis.

The ground-breaking information model, which is based on a 4th generation Quadri technology, represents the “I” of the BIM concept, and is shared by all Novapoint discipline applications for designing roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, landscapes, etc.

Automates the work process

The information model not only contains digital objects that define real world infrastructure objects – it also includes unique task functionality which automates the work process – and tools to create, present, analyse and manipulate the object model. The solution´s comprehensive object catalogue consists of objects with the advanced geometry needed for detailed design and construction of modern infrastructure.

Tested by customers

Trafikverket, the Swedish transport authorities, is one of several customers who have beta tested Novapoint 19DCM. Dorota Jensen, a specialist in data coordination at Trafikverket, says the following about their experience in the project E18 Arninge Resecentrum north of Stockholm:

– The Quadri model's purpose is to act as an assembled model where all engineering disciplines collaborate, and where various parties simultaneously can participate in the design, whilst also the project owner has access to the model and may continually review it.

– Trafikverket has identified several beneficial effects that can lead to improved quality throughout the design and construction process. We can easier reuse information and increase engineering quality. We can detect design errors earlier and analyse changes. At the same time we have better cost control. A visualized model also facilitates better communication between the parties.

Unique modelling platform

Besides the central information model, Novapoint 19DCM consists of a new Novapoint Basis module – a new common modelling platform for all the discipline design tools in the Novapoint-family.

Novapoint Basis can operate both standalone and integrated with AutoCAD-based Novapoint discipline applications. Intuitive and highly effective 3D functionality makes it possible to view the model in 2D, sections and 3D.

Using powerful tools one can build up a complex, virtual reality model of the physical world – including 3D terrain surfaces and 3D sub-surface layers, and 3D structures such as buildings, pipes, cables, etc. Novapoint 19DCM makes it easier than ever to navigate in 3D and to understand the model.

Collaborationin the cloud

The project model can be placed locally or in a cloud service. The user is always working on a local Quadri model downloaded from the server. That also ensures maximum performance. The task functionality in the system coordinates the work process in relation to other designers.

New, butrecognizable world

Novapoint 19DCM introduces a new and more efficient way of working in infrastructure engineering projects. Existing Novapoint users encounter however a recognizable world. The discipline engineering is done in much the same way as before. But, in addition, one will experience a significantly better work process, a fantastic and always coordinated 3D model of the current situation, plus not to mention automated collaboration with others in the project.

Open system– tailored for the future

The information model technology is based on the ISO TC 211 (GML) open standard. The data from Novapoint 19DCM can therefore be used in other systems that support the standard.

Other vendors may also program and connect with the model in Novapoint 19DCM via the same application programming interface (API) that Vianova Systems themselves use.

The information model is furthermore based on the 4th generation Quadri framework, the same as in the Norwegian National Road Data Bank. In Norway the road authorities hence may retrieve all the data they want in the operating and maintenance process of the constructed road directly from the design/construction model.


Novapoint 19DCM is available to Norwegian customers at the end of October this year and for International customers from February 2013.



For more information, please contact:

Idar Kirkhorn, Vianova Systems

Tel: +47 67 81 70 58 /  E-post:

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