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Vianova Systems strengthens international focus

With a new breakthrough technology for «BIM for infrastructure» – the future´s model-based technology for designing, constructing and maintaining transport infrastructure – Vianova Systems now takes new strategic measures to exploit its pioneering position and win new markets.

Thor Hestnes og Merete Tøndel

Based on the company´s new world leading BIM for infrastructure technology, a new business model and a new branding strategy, former CEO of Vianova Systems Merete Tøndel and former founder and editor of the newschannel InnoDesign, Thor Hestnes, lead a renewed international marketing strategy – Tøndel in a new role as head of business development and Hestnes as marketing manager.

The recruitment is part of an effort to develop a new targeted and controlled international strategy that will promote further growth of the company.

In line with Vianova System's policy of changing its managing director every 4-5 years, Merete Tøndel ended her five year term as CEO 1. Jan. 2013, at which time Idar Kirkhorn took over.

Before her five years as CEO Merete Tøndel held various positions in the company; as chief accountant, financial manager, and as responsible for the network of Vianova companies. During the years she has represented the company in a dozen different boards in the Vianova network. She has since 2000 been part of the Vianova Systems´ management team, and will remain so.

Thor Hestnes has extensive marketing and PR experience from the ICT and CAD industry – from companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Computervision, Skrivervik Data (Sun Microsystems), Sysdeco Group and Progress Software – as well as a PR agency. In 2008 he established InnoDesign – a Norwegian news channel for innovation, design and entrepreneurship.

– Vianova Systems´ new model technology represents a paradigm shift in the infrastructure industry, says Hestnes. – The company is a pioneer that now brings the benefits of BIM to all players in the industry. It will be very exciting and inspiring to work with new technology and professionals that can truly compete internationally.

– The technology leads to better collaboration, better quality and significant cost savings during the planning, construction as well as maintenance phase of road and rail projects. Vianova Systems will contribute significantly to a fragmented industry that now can work more coherent and save society for a lot of money.

– As an economist it is fantastic to work in an engineering environment with creative enthusiasm. Now having world-leading technology and a Nordic market being keen pioneering users, we believe we are well equipped for a renewed international commitment, adds Merete Tøndel.

The Vianova network consists of partially owned companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, France, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Belgium, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as distributors and partners in several countries.


For more information, please contact:

Merete Tøndel, Vianova Systems AS

Tel: +47 957 47 288



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