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Transoft Solutions Products

Vianova Systems work as a distributor in the Nordics for the Canadian company Transoft Solutions. This Distribution includes the products AutoTURN and ParkCAD.


AutoTURN, a comprehensive CAD-based vehicle turn and swept path analysis software, is used by AEC professionals to help evaluate standard design or specialized vehicle maneuvers for all types of roadway, highway, and site design projects. Together with intelligent design features, practical interface, and guidelines from standards such as AASHTO for turn radii, transition curves, super-elevation, and lateral friction, makes AutoTURN the world’s most widely used program of its kind.




ParkCAD is the world's premier CAD-based software for designing, checking, and editing all types of parking layouts in only minutes. Just select a defined area, and with a click of your mouse, automatically create parking lots that conform to your unique design criteria (i.e. stall configuration, length, and width, aisle width, island radius, etc) using a set of powerful design tools. Now you're free to concentrate on design details instead of tedious calculations and manually drafting each individual row or stall. That's the advantage of ParkCAD.